About LuckyNiki

Thank you for visiting us. I am Niki and I will be your host.

LuckyNiki.co.uk offers a wide range of first-class online and mobile gaming experiences. Our goal is to introduce the most fun and entertaining online casino games in the world. We value our players by offering an innovative product in a fun, welcoming and user-friendly way.

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About Niki - Me

I was born in a small and beautiful island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and was a gamer since as far as I can remember. I was playing games any chance I got. I especially liked games that needed just the right amount of luck. I don't know why, but I was very lucky.

I won the regional tournaments, ranked first in the national level and very soon found my self living the dream; playing my favorite games and winning first prizes in international championships. At that time, nobody could not ignore the luck I was having. It was a kind of magic and I got the nick name of the "Luck Goddess"…

Today I want to give back. I feel this is my Karma. I've joined the LuckyNiki team to have the opportunity to spread some of my luck to others. Please enjoy playing our games and I wish you to have good luck!

Your Host,